Suzanne Michelle

Pole, Flexibility, & Handstands

About Suzanne

How She Got Started:

I had moved to Brooklyn and was navigating my life in my early 20s. I came across pole by chance and fell deeply in love

For anyone who wants to hear I’ll share my story in person 🙂 Short version is happiness, purpose, self-esteem.

Instructor Philosophy:

Everyone is Unique. Mold to your students’ individual needs.

I love when my students react to accomplishing new things!

IRL (In Real Life):

Professional Musician, nanny, & preschool music teacher.

Random fact:

Coffee is everything



  • Xpert Certified
  • Certified Personal Trainer by AAPT
  • Berklee College of Music

Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Musicality,
  • Performance
  • Flexibility

Awards and Titles:

  • NEAAC L3 Bronze
  • NEAAC L4 Bronze
  • NEAAC Duo Gold


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