Sky High Studios, Inc. is a studio focusing primarily on pole fitness and dance. We provide quality fitness classes to teach you the basics and progress you into more advanced movement while developing self-expression and performance technique. Our goal is for each student to develop comfort and confidence so they can express themselves through the art of pole and aerial dance. 

*UPDATE – our Aerial Program has been terminated as of May 4th 2021.



It is our mission to not only provide a fabulous workout for teens and adults regardless of ability, gender, orientation, or age, but also provide an experience that will help build strength, both physical and mental. We strive to challenge you to move in ways you never thought you could, explore a variety of movement, express yourself in a fulfilling way, and embrace the wonderful and dynamic person within. We believe that fitness is vital to all around well-being and strive to provide a community that will foster personal accomplishment and greater joy of self.



Pole dance has been around for centuries, tracing back as far as China about 2,500 years ago, though in recent history it is mostly associated with the stigma of strip clubs. But more recently and more notably, it has been part of circus and aerial acrobat companies like Cirque du Soliel. In the early 2000’s pole dance started to make its way into more mainstream fitness, attracting gymnasts, dancers, and acrobats. Since then pole fitness studios have been popping up around the country bringing this old, but new, form of fitness to people everywhere. 

Pole fitness allow for a full body workout, not only employing strength, but also balance, agility, flexibility, and motor coordination. They also incorporate such athletic elements as dance and gymnastics.



Sky High Studios was founded in 2013 with the goal of establishing a space for those who want to do something different with their workout.

We offer a variety of activities included pole fitness and dance, flexibility, conditioning classes, floor dance and Liquid Motion, hand balancing, and anything else we can think of that people will come to.

At Sky High Studios we take students through programs ranging from introductory classes all the way up to advanced levels, so that even the most novice students can participate. It does not matter if you have worked out your whole life, or for only a day, we will make sure you are able to participate in a safe, healthy, supportive environment where you can progress at your own pace and be involved as much as you want. 

We set out not only to create an awesome environment for you to learn something you can’t find in a regular gym, but also to inspire a community of people that support one another in their goals and accomplishments, want to participate in each other’s lives, and grow as human beings. 


Core Values

Knowledge – We provide a range of classes and instructors to ensure you are able to learn a variety of skills through a range of styles. This comes in the form of variety in technique, ability, communication, exploration, and challenging you to move outside of your comfort zone.

Self-exploration – Pole and aerial arts is not simply about fitness, it is about exploring movement, dance, style, emotion, and pushing the boundaries of what you believe you are capable. We know through movement exploration and personal challenge you will gain a greater sense of self-confidence, see yourself in new light, and know that with discipline and an open mind you can accomplish anything.

Expression – As you explore varieties of movement expression will come as a natural by product. Art is about making it your own and finding ways to show the world what makes you joyous. Here you will be free to explore ways to express yourself through art and dance, and find the methods that make you feel most connected to your inner self, and feel comfortable sharing that with others.

Acceptance – Everyone is welcome here regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, weight, age, ability, etc. This is a place for all people to explore themselves, come together, and appreciate the beauty of others. This means we believe you also need to accept and love yourself for the amazing person you are and all the wonderful things of which your body is capable.

Community – When you join Sky High Studios, you aren’t just joining a gym, you are joining a community of people who will support you, love you, celebrate your successes, share your challenges, and become your friends and family.

Experience – Fun. Memorable. Crazy. Confident. We don’t create workouts, we create experiences. Our goal is for you to leave every class feeling accomplished, happy, fulfilled, and always wanting more. This won’t be just a gym, it becomes a lifestyle.


Our Philosophy on Teaching

Pole is a personal journey that will allow you to explore and express yourself. Each student should have opportunities to grow and develop in as many ways as possible and be treated with patience, support, and a kind but firm hand. We believe that learning is a progressive experience encompassing physical growth, emotional exploration, and mental fortitude.


For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us form. Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!