It’s not just a workout, it’s an experience
I'm a new student!


It’s not just a workout, it’s an experience.
I'm a new student!

Your studio for Pole Fitness & Dance, Aerial Silks, & Lyra in the MetroWest & Greater Boston Area

Due to COVID-19 Sky High Studios is temporarily closed until it is safe to return. In the meantime please join us for online classes!

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It is our mission to not only provide a fabulous workout for teens and adults regardless of ability, gender, orientation, or age, but also provide an experience that will help build strength, both physical and mental. We strive to challenge you to move in ways you never thought you could, explore a variety of movement, express yourself in a fulfilling way, and embrace the wonderful and dynamic person within. We believe that fitness is vital to all around well-being and strive to provide a community that will foster personal accomplishment and greater joy of self.



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