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Pole Fitness Classes

Our pole fitness classes are designed to get you in shape from the ground up. Our experienced instructors will take you through into basics, and as you become stronger and more comfortable, more advanced tricks and combinations. Haven’t been to the gym in awhile? Not a problem. We’ll walk you through all you need to know, and help you work up one step at a time!

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Aerial Silks and Hoop (Lyra)

Get in and get upside-down! Silks and Lyra offer you a great way to get fit with your feet off the ground. Our programs allow you to start getting off the floor from the start, with no previous aerial skills required. As you build strength and confidence you’ll take your new moves to new heights – wrapping, twisting, hanging, and tumbling your way to a healthier you!

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Conditioning, Flex, and Fly Gym

Strong and long is the name of the game! Compliment your pole and aerial workouts with extra conditioning and flexibility. Fly Gym, iHandstand, flex, and boot camps all offer a variety of challenges, giving your body the extra dose of full body conditioning it needs to keep up with you. Reach your goals faster, learn something new, and leave the gym behind!

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