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About Lauren

Hi there! I’m Lauren, a proud mama bear to 3 awesome kids who think it’s perfectly normal for moms to do shoulder mount flips and leg hangs at the playground. Nice to meet you.

How She Got Started:

I was 36 years old and found an offer on Groupon, and thought “This sounds kind of scary, but I kind of want to try it. So, what the hell.” I took my first class and was quickly hooked. I have no dance, gymnastic or athletic background at all, and I have the back flexibility of a ceiling beam. So I was amazed that I was able to do something this cool. It just shows that this sport is for everyone.

I found who I am. I am much more confident in that. I now surround myself with positive people who are real. I have found that anyone who steps into an aerial studio is already more open-minded than a lot of people I come across in everyday life. It feels good to be around other self-confident men and women who are on their own pole or aerial journeys. When I’m here, I don’t worry about being judged, or compared to other people. I can be my true self when I’m at Sky High.

Instructor Philosophy:

I feel fortunate to be able to share this experience with the students here. I hope people in my class have fun, do something they feel good about during our time together, laugh at least 14 times, and leave feeling just a little bit happier (even if a little more tired) than when they arrived. I want them to know that I respect and admire each and every one of them.

I love when a student is so excited about something that happened during class. Whether it’s having a breakthrough with a nemesis move, or having an “aha!” moment during a freestyle and discovering something cool, or even just seeing them light up when I mention how I saw something great happen while they were dancing.

IRL (In Real Life):

Real-life ringleader at the Shaw Family Circus. Managing a household of 5 humans, a 200-lb dog, a female bearded dragon named Steve, and three fire-bellied toads who are CONSTANTLY mating. And y’all wonder why I’m like this.

I also teach Zumba, I love the NY Giants, I hate the cold and would love to move somewhere warm! I taught Zumba at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for a week in exchange for accommodations for my entire family. Pretty sweet deal.

Random fact:

I was fluent in French by the end of elementary school, took languages all through high school and college, and never used it. Now I probably couldn’t speak a full sentence in French.



  • Sky High Ph.D. program graduate
  • Zumba level 1 and 2 licensed
  • Aqua Zumba licensed
  • MA state driver’s license
  • oh and a college degree in Business Management

Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Pole- Intro through Level 2
  • Combinations and Transitions
  • Floorwork
  • Freestyle Exploration
  • Sensual Pole
  • Lap Dance
  • Embracing Your Awkward Movement 101

Associations and Sponsorships

  • I’m sure they’ll be calling me any day now

Awards and Titles:

  • Not to brag but I was voted Most Sarcastic in High School about 73 years ago

Want to set up a private lesson? Contact me!

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