Welcome to Sky High Studios!

At Sky High Studios we don’t want you to just work out, we want you to have an experience. Find something you love, whether it be a serious workout, learning a new skill, or just rolling around in heels, we got you! 

Which class will you try first?

Choose from these three great Intro classes. You can also try any of our conditioning classes.


I have no experience. Can I do this?

YES! Our intro classes are designed for those with no experience. We formulated these classes so you really are starting from the ground up, and can get comfortable with each apparatus at your convenience. 

How do I sign up?

When you purchase the Intro pack you will be directed to created a MindBody account. If you already have an account with another studio you will still need to create a profile for Sky High. Once that’s done, you can go to our Schedule page and click “Sign Up” for the class of your choice. 

You can also download our Sky High Studios app from either your iPhone or Google Play store. Once downloaded, log in and start registering! It’s also a great way to get additional features like quick access to the rewards program, news and events, and class notifications.  Download links can also be found at the bottom of this page. 

What do I wear?

Pole – You will want to wear fitted shorts underneath either leggings or sweatpants. Tank top ot t-shirt is fine. Heels are optional but ot recommended for Intro. 

Silks and Lyra – Leggings will be best and we recommend a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt to prevent skin irritation until you become conditioned to the apparatus.

Liquid Motion – Layers! As this is a floor class, socks, leggings, leg warmers, and a shirt with sleeves are recommended. Knee pads are required.  

Where are you located?

We are located inside the Antice Business Center at 289 Elm Street, Marlborough, MA. Visit our Locations and Directions page to see photos of the building we are in. We don’t have a street sign so make sure to take a look so you can find us! We have our own entrance are the back side of the building and plenty of parking. 

What should I expect during my first class?

We know the first time in a new place can be a little nerve wracking. We always recommend being at least 10 minutes early to your class so we can get you signed in and ready for class. As we don’t always have a desk person available, we have a comfortable lobby you can chill in until the instructor is finished with their class and get you ready. 

You are welcome to bring your own mat, but we do have clean mats available for you to use if you prefer. Once checked in we will introduce you to your instructor. The class begins with about a 15 minute warmup to make sure your body is ready to move. Then all you need to do is follow along and have fun! 

Each class presents its own challenges, so don’t be surprised if you are a little achey the next day or see a few bruises (we call them aerial kisses). Since this is a specialty fitness class, it takes the body a little while to get used to it. 

We do have a strict late arrival policy. Once the class is 5 minutes past the start time, students will not be allowed to participate. This is for safety reasons. We want you to have a full warmup to prevent any injury. 

Want to know more? Check out our full FAQ’s page with answers to many other questions.  >> You can also use the chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner of this page to send us a message. See you soon!