Is it time to take a Pole Fitness?

Twirly, Whirly.

And sometimes we like to hang upside down.

Is it time to take a Pole Fitness, Aerial, or Lyra class?

A wise person once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” If you crave a new activity to get your heart racing, finding those muscles you haven’t used in a while, and/or reminding yourself what you’re truly capable of, it’s time to DO THAT THING! What have you got to loose?

Be honest.

You’ve likely wondered at least once:

“What do they do at those pole dance classes?”

“What’s so great about hanging upside down from those fabrics?”

And maybe even, “What would I wear to my first class?”

Sky High Studios invites you to join us for your very first Pole, Aerial, or Lyra class for $15. Yep, just $15.

In fact, we CHALLENGE you to take a leap, and fall in love with pole, aerial, lyra and more importantly: YOURSELF!