Admit it – your significant other would L💙VE a lap dance from you. But you’re a little…unsure. Part of you would love to, but you’re not confident you could get through it without feeling clumsy, or looking foolish.

Honey. Sweetheart. Listen to me. This workshop is for you.
Designed, choreographed and taught by the self-admitted Queen of Awkward herself, this class will get you ready to deliver a Valentine’s Day–or any day–surprise to your unsuspecting loved one.
We’re going to begin with the basics, and go from there. You’ll learn a simple yet steamy routine that will get you started, as well as plenty of tips and tricks on how to mesmerize your lucky audience, and rock what you’ve got!

No pole involved, so you’ll be able to use these moves anytime and anywhere you want. No aerials or dance experience necessary. This class is for everyone.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. Then, get excited to put on that outfit you KNOW you look hot in (heels optional), and join us while we heat things up in here. Come and getcha sexy on!


$30/ person (members 10% discount)
Limited space available.