Get all the deets!

Every year we have more and more people asking us about pole competition and performance opportunities. There can be a lot of trepidation and uncertainty when considering whether or not this is the right thing for you to do. Even if you have competed before, every year there are updates, new levels, changes, and questions about where you may want to go next.

In order to help you sort all of this out, as well as help with the process of considering how you should train, when you should start, what it will cost, etc., we are hosting an info session for everyone considering competing for Sky High Studios.

This meeting is informal, and there is no obligation to register. We will simply answer all of your questions, provide you with resources, and have a good time going over what’s involved.

You can never start thinking about it too soon, so join us on Sunday and fill your brain with fun information. Please just RSVP on this event page so we can estimate how many materials we need to provide.

What We’ve Done So Far

2017 Placements
Dashiell Berri – 3rd Place Professional Division
Lydian Yard – 2nd Place Level 3 Dramatic
Kayla A – 2nd Place Dramatic Level 2 Division
Tracey M. – 3rd Place Level 1 Entertainment
Vanessa J. – 1st Place Level 1 Exotic
Lauren B. – 1st Place Level 1 Dramatic

2016 Placements
Dashiell Berri – !st Place Professional Division
Suzanne Michelle – 3rd Place Level 4 Dramatic
Michelle T. – 1st Place Level 2 Champtionship
Kristen K. – 3rd Place Level 2 Dramatic

Please RSVP below so we can estimate how many materials to prepare for the event.
Interested in more? Join our Sky High Competitors Facebook group and keep up to date with all the information you need.