TS Dilascio-Martinuk

Fly Gym and Pole

About TS

I “wear many hats” as they say. My original and main passion has always been music. But beyond that, I have an Associate’s in Culinary Arts and am currently working towards my Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Wellness. Through my journey towards my Bachelor’s, I’ve come to discover I have a passion for physical activity and helping other find the benefits of an active lifestyle that is complemented by a balanced diet and a healthy mindset. It is this discovery that led me to the world of pole and eventually Sky High!

How He Got Started:

My wife and I wanted to learn silks and had a Groupon to take a class in Worcester. There weren’t any openings, so we opted for a one-time acro yoga class that was being offered at the studio. There we met Maggie Ann and Hans Foy (now of Paradigm Pole Fitness) who got us interested in trying out pole. From then on, we were hooked and have now expanded into all the (aerial) things!

It couldn’t have made it better! I’ve gained a level of confidence I didn’t think possible, it has done wonders for helping with my depression and anxiety, and has led me to become friends with a whole host of fabulous and amazing people from all different walks of life!

Instructor Philosophy:

You’re always a student.

Seeing the glow when people learn that they can do something they previously thought they weren’t capable of is magic. Also, I enjoy making playlists for classes.

IRL (In Real Life):

I’m a musician and my main thing is my solo project, Transdusk. I’ve had the project since 2000 and have been actively making progress with it as of 2012. It is a true labor of love and I’m proud of the fact that I’ve been able to remain true to my vision of what I thought it should be.

Random fact:

The only other sports I ever actively pursued were fencing and tennis.


Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Fly Gym
  • Intro/Level 1 Pole,
  • Personal Training (soon)
  • General Wellness Consultation.


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