Meet Megan Belanger

Fun Facts

Favorite Pole/Aerial Style

I have been taking Lyra classes for about a year off and on, and I’ve taken about a dozen pole classes, and I while like the creativity involved and the nuances of those apparatuses as well, my heart belongs to silks first and foremost. I almost can’t even explain why. I’m really scared of heights, but from the very first time I could climb to the ceiling on the silks, I wasn’t scared. It just feels like “home.”


Favorite Moves

I wouldn’t have said this in the beginning of my Sky High journey, but I love aerial silks drops (preferably the ones that don’t hurt as much, like the Bullet Drop or the Infinity Drop). The joy of the adrenaline rush is unbeatable. The FIRST time doing a drop, though, is scary as hell. Once I know I can do it and live through it, I crave doing it again.


Favorite Hobbies

Silks and Lyra. Really – I’m not just saying that for the sake of this questionnaire. When I’m not a work or climbing on things, I read and am a podcast junkie.


Favorite Music

I like upbeat, positive stuff most of the time. I feel like it infects my mood in a good way. I turn to the “One Republic” Pandora station when I want a hit of that. On the flip side, I really love the blues and New Orleans-type music.


Fun Fact #1

I’m from Pittsburgh, PA.


Fun Fact #2

I draw cartoons sometimes.