Meet Krysten Barnhill!
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Fun Facts

Favorite Pole/Aerial Style

I live the creativity of exploring many different styles, particularly those that are out of my comfort zone. Although it can be mentally and physically taxing, I believe it makes me stronger.

Favorite Moves

The Fallen Angel drop is one of my favorites. I’m generally a big fan of forward rotational drops. Fear sometimes can be one of my biggest challenges when doing drops, and I generally don’t know I’m afraid of a drop until I’m about to attempt one. I also love flow and poses, and alternating between the two in class and performances.

Favorite Hobbies

Fitness and Aerial. Working on my car. Baking and cooking. Spending time with family and friends… I’m all over the place with hobbies.

Favorite Music

Most genres, alternative rock, and top 40 are generally my favorites.

Fun Fact #1

I love baking cupcakes.

Fun Fact #2

Tacos are my absolute favorite food in the world.