Meet Alexandra Dominique



Fun Facts


Favorite Pole/Aerial Style

I like more of the fitness. It’s great to see the strength that I have gained and makes me feel really good.


Favorite Moves

The Carousel spin is my favorite. I also really love the hood ornament on spin pole. In silks I love the bicycle climb. I feel like the most difficult pole moves for me are those that involve my head below my hips. It’s quite an adjustment trying to get things while upside down.


Favorite Hobbies

Pole of course! Seriously this has become my absolute favorite thing to do. I also just started a vegetable garden.


Favorite Music

I tend to listen to more pop culture music. Top of the charts.


Fun Fact #1

Hard to explain, but I can point my right upper lip.


Fun Fact #2

Another odd fact – I love pancakes but hate waffles. People say they are the same but I swear they aren’t.