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About Lindsey

I’m Lindsey Daniels, a Lyra Instructor at Sky High Studios, a full-time art director, and a designer who dabbles in makeup artistry. I have been practicing pole for 3 years and found Lyra in early 2013 while attempting to lose weight and get healthy. I was hooked from the very first class!

By the end of my first year, I had met my weight loss goal, won my first medal in Lyra and found a whole new level of confidence!

I started teaching Lyra in 2015 and have been loving it, as I had struggled when I first entered the apparatus. I also love connecting with students and watching them grow.

I’ve always been a creative person.  Always crafting, painting, singing, writing, playing with makeup, and making costumes….aerial arts felt like the next level of embracing my love of all things creative.

I am a creative spirit with a lot to say and weird ways to say it.

How She Got Started:

in 2014 I made a new years resolution to lose a LOT of weight (90lbs) and had come across a Groupon for a local studio. It was not my first time trying pole, but when I called I thought to ask “what’s a Lyra?” and signed up on the call. After my first class, I was hooked, 6 months later was training for my first competition, and 10 months later had dropped all 90lbs and acquired a gold medal and new lease on life.

Aerial fitness became a way for me to express myself and eventually teach me how to connect with fellow students — who would one day be MY students — about health and wellbeing and finding self-confidence through art.

Instructor Philosophy:

Even if you can’t do the move today, keep moving, keep committed, and keep positive and you will see results in time.

Even if I bomb a performance, or have a bad day, or am feeling tired….I come to class and my students continue to impress me and re-inspire me, remind me that they are all capable of something they were not just a short while ago, and getting to see students connect with freestyle and their own sense of movement brings me to tears.

IRL (In Real Life):

I’m an art director turned visual experience designer. I also enjoy performance makeup and hosting makeup parties.

Random fact:

I’m on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius.


I began to teach Pole Fitness 4 years ago and since then have been awed at how other women challenge themselves to be better, stronger, different, and more comfortable with themselves.


  • First Aid/CPR Certified

Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Routine Construction & Critique
  • Doubles
  • Mixed Apparatus

Awards and Titles:

  • 1st, Lyra L1 NEAAC 2014
  • 1st, Lyra L2 APC 2015
  • 2nd Exotic Pole L2 APC 2017
  • (Competed Pro Lyra CPC 2016 but did not place

Other places I teach:

  • Love Pole Fitness

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