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About Kofi

I’m Kofi… a 46-year-old aerial instructor who considers herself pretty lucky to be teaching fabric classes at Sky High Studios. Every Sunday, that’s where you’ll find me. You’ll know I’m there because my students and I will probably be laughing at ourselves and each other, cheering for ourselves and each other and flying. I am always proud to see the phrase “aerial fitness instructor” next to my name – it always makes me feel like I’m a part of something magical.

Although I first began performing at the age of 7, my focus on aerial fitness didn’t come until much later when I first began training at the Flying Squirrel Consortium in Littleton. Since then I’ve trained and instructed at North Shore Pole Fitness in Lawrence and L.A. Dance in Danville, NH.

The single most rewarding part of teaching aerial fitness is watching my students surprise themselves – your success is my true joy. So, you will have to pardon me if I cheer out loud when you accomplish the next great thing during class. When I’m not hanging upside down somewhere, I am being a mother to a very rambunctious 13-year-old, friend to an incredibly inspiring group of women, and working as a national health care policy expert who travels the nation working to increase access to virtual healthcare.

How She Got Started:

I began my journey later in life, at 40. On the day of my birthday, I realized I wasn’t investing in my health or my athleticism. I also knew the gym, although great for many, wouldn’t stick for me. At the time, Pink was incorporating aerials into her performances, and I decided to try a class. I was weak and clumsy for a long time. Now, as an instructor, I love the opportunity to watch someone touch the fabric for the first time because I know what’s possible.

The aerial arts have taught me much. I’ve learned that I can be an athlete and that my body and mind can do things I never thought possible. I’ve learned to accept not every day will be your best, but your average always improves when you keep going. I’ve learned there’s always going to be someone better than you, and there’s always going to be someone you can help get better. And I’ve met some of the bravest, most interesting. and creative humans in my life.

Instructor Philosophy:

I teach to give my students an experience, not to attain perfection. I do value technique, safety, and skill development, but how you feel about what you’ve done counts. I encourage progression, goal setting, and creative expression in the skills and tricks I teach and will encourage you to be an active part of your learning. I teach to help make you the aerialist you would like to be – one that loves the uniquely cool workout, one that wants to work until it’s right, or one who wants an audience some day. Or all of the above and in-between.

Teaching is a privilege. The best part? The opportunity to give someone else a feeling of empowerment, pride, and accomplishment.

IRL (In Real Life):

I’m an External Affairs Expert who currently runs a health care innovation consultancy. I’ve been a tv news reporter, a publicist, a government spokeswoman, and a national policy expert. Nothing is as great at teaching fabric.

I’m a mother to a 16-year-old handful who also likes to climb.

Random fact:

I have the word “fly” tattooed on my left wrist. You can imagine why.


The single most rewarding part of teaching aerial fitness is watching my students surprise themselves – your success is my true joy.


I’ve trained at the Flying Squirrel consortium and Esh Circus Arts

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