Julie Anne Gniadek

Meet miss Julie! 


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Fun Facts


Favorite Pole Style

I really love all styles of pole. One of my favorite things about going to class every week is the different areas of pole that I get to work on: tricks, combos, heels, spin pole, floor work, conditioning, freestyle—I truly love it all.


Favorite Moves

My favorite moves are the cupid, the marley, the teddy bear, body and leg switches, and most recently—foot presses/mounts. The moves that are still the most difficult for me are anything involving handstands or headstands. They have been and continue to be my arch nemesis.


Favorite Hobbies

Over the last 5 years, pole has become my number one hobby. But when I'm not poling or running my business, I love music, baking, running and reading.


Favorite Music

As a former musician, I really love all kinds of music. I love everything from 60s/70s psychedelic blues rock bands to 80s hair bands to even modern day rock. But above all, my favorite band in the entire world is Bon Jovi.


Fun Fact:

In college, I sang on stage with Kenny Rogers.


Fun Fact

I LOOOOVE peanut butter. I eat it every day. If I were to develop a peanut allergy, I would probably die, either from the peanut butter or from living without it. I can't decide.