Erik Bang


About Erik

Hi, I’m Erik Bang! Yep, that is really my last name. I’m currently a Lyra instructor extraordinaire here at Sky High Studios.

I was born and raised in Denmark where I lived till I was 15 and then moved to the U.S. I have always been someone who marches to the beat of my own drum. That one weird kid that didn’t quite make sense, but who’s completely oblivious to what others think or say. I don’t really take life all that serious, and would much rather have a good laugh.

How He Got Started:

I started out with doing Yoga and Pilates when I went to college as the classes were included in my gym membership. I did that for some years, but it eventually got repetitive and lackluster to me. I then eventually discovered aerial yoga, and I immediately felt right at home in the air. I quickly advanced in the field and started teaching classes. It was after teaching a couple of my friends that we found an Aerial Studio in a town nearby. It was an immediate love after my first class when I was first introduced to the Lyra and we have been in the rafters ever since.

Aerial has been the first physical activity that I have actually truly enjoyed doing. It is a sport that combines so many different aspects of movement and styles with an endless amount of possibilities. It is an art-form that truly let you embrace who you are, and something that creates a stronger and more positive body image of yourself. The Circus Arts have always been a place for the freaks and weirdos who don’t quite fit into the norms of society. It is a welcoming place with no judgment, and welcoming arms for all and who accepts you for who you are no matter what.


Instructor Philosophy:

I believe that everyone is capable of doing anything that they want to if they just put their mind to it. Any skill that you take on in life takes dedication and time for you to master. People often seek to get that instant gratification of accomplishing something with little to no effort put in at all that they often overlook the journey itself. Value all the effort and passion that you put into your accomplishments every step of the way. There will be things that come naturally, and some things that you just plain suck at no matter what. That’s okay. Enjoy the experience, and learn from every step of your aerial journey.
My absolute favorite part of teaching is the face that students make when they suddenly execute a move correctly for the first time. The sheer joy of ecstasy of that moment that will forever change their aerial practice. They then find a new move to work on and the cycle repeats. The initial struggle, the confusion, to the “what the hell am I doing”, to the “I absolutely hate this move”, and finally to the “I did it! Quick take a picture so I have evidence!”


IRL (In Real Life):

When I’m not hanging from the ceiling you’ll more often than not find me working on my other passion creating 3D models and working on various other digital projects. If I’m not slouched in my computer chair, chugging tea, and trying to avoid developing carpal tunnel then you’ll definitely find me exploring the outdoors on hiking trails whenever weather permits. That or eating lots and lots of food.

Random fact:

I spent a lot of my childhood with my parents and sister driving from Denmark to Spain to visit my dad’s side of the family. My feet rarely ever actually touched the floor in the car during those trips as we usually bought an excessive amount of food, trinkets, and various items with us back to Denmark from each country that we passed through. You imagine what it’s like to sit next to a smoked pig leg with hoof and all for almost 3000 miles.



  • Sky High Studios graduate
  • Aerial Yoga Certified

Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Lyra
  • Lyra Doubles
  • Routine Construction

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