Liquid Motion 1

August 26th, Sky High Studios

Liquid Motion 1: 2:30 pm (1 hour and 45 Minutes)

Liquid 1 – an hour and 45-minute open level workshop that utilizes sensual movement, basic dance theory, and self-exploration to create total body awareness, or what we call Liquid Motion.

In this workshop, you will learn 5 signature Liquid Motion flows utilizing the floor and wall. You will explore the 5 key techniques of Liquid Motion and the fundamentals of our methodology to help you build a foundation for seamless movement from the ground up. Since we will only be using the floor and wall in this class, please bring knee pads, leg warmers, long pants and a long sleeve shirt for a better movement experience.

Advanced Floor Work and illusions with Jeni Janover

Advanced Floor Work and Illusions: 4:30 pm (90 minutes)

Advanced Floor Work and Illusions- a step by step progression through Jeni’s signature Liquid Motion floor flows and more advanced floor techniques.

This workshop will take you through a safe and clear progression of those moves to turn you upside down and inside out. Jeni will teach you the techniques and trick’s to look like you have been rolling, twisting, pivoting, bridging, and flying for years.

So put on you cozy pants, find a hoodie and some knee pads, and sign up!


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