Liquid Motion Is Back!


4 – 5:30pm
This is Liquid Motion on the pole with the added element of grounded inversions. Jeni Janover tested this workshop at Body & Pole to a sold out crowd, and they were blown away! Students will learn complex grounded sequences that include pirouettes, one arm spins, static rotation, low flow inversions (meaning your hips will be over your head), and Liquid Motion advanced floor work ideas around the base of the pole – all without getting more than an arm’s
reach from the ground. Jeni will make you spin up the pole, twirl in the air, and rotate back down to the floor in a way you have never
known before.
*Students must be able to invert comfortably without a spot and be proficient in both inside and outside leg hooks.
$60 per person, 12 spots available


This is a two (2) hour open level workshop exploring everything Liquid Motion with the added element of acro dance. Students will learn how to connect with another person through non-verbal communication, body awareness, and use the Liquid Motion methods. They will dive into more difficult concepts of partner work, movement, creating flows and shapes and going airborne. This workshop can be tailored to each particular studios request, depending on their student’s abilities and interest in partner work. Content can range from partner work on the floor, partner work involving lifts and transitions, and even dance based partner work on and around the pole.
$75/person, 12 spots available. 

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