Coming back during COVID-19

In order to ensure we are doing our best to come back in a way that makes everyone comfortable, and in accordance with procedures set out by the state of Massachusetts, we have instituted the following policies. 

These policies are to ensure the comfort of everyone involved, a positive studio culture, and a quality learning experience. Instructors are empowered to enforce these rules and any decisions made by them to ensure their compliance will be backed by management. These rules are in addition to the terms of service and your Membership Agreement (if applicable). They are subject to change at any time without notice. By participating in programming at Sky High Studios you understand that Sky High Studios, Inc. reserves the right to suspend your privileges or terminate your services should you violate these rules. 


Updated as of 5/19/2021



Due to social distancing and increased sanitation protocols, aerial classes will be suspended indefinitely. Management and staff are in agreement that this is the best course of action to ensure the safety of the instructors and students. *As of May 4th 2021 the Aerial Program has been terminated. 



As of 8/31/2020 some pole classes will be goin back to full capacity at 2 people per pole depending on the class type and the comfort of the instructor. We will still be offering smaller classes for those who would like to stay in smaller groups. Each student will have a designated area on the floor for their mat during warm-up and a designated spot to stand when it is not their turn on the pole. Students must follow the directives of instructors at all times. Liquid Motion and conditioning classes will have a max capacity of 8-10 people. Classes will be in 1 hr increments with 15 minutes in between each class.

Open pole sessions will be suspended until further notice.


All class with be going up to full capacity as of 06/01/2021.  



You must sign an updated waiver at your first visit to the studio or you can sign the waiver online HERE. You will also need to acknowledge the new waiver and policies at your next login into MindBody. Included is an acknowledgment that your participation in classes is welcomed as long as in good health and following our new studio policies and protocols.



Walk-in registrations will not be accepted. Classes must be pre-registered and paid for online through our website or app.



Before class: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins to prepare properly. If you need to change or use the restrooms before class you may enter through the main Antico lobby entrance and proceed to the restrooms. All belongings not used for class must be left in your vehicle as cubbies will not be available for use at this time.

During class: Doors will open for entrance 5 minutes before class begins. You can line up outside out studio entrance (please maintain proper social distancing) and once doors are open, grab your equipment and take your spot at one of the predesignated places we have marked. We request that once you have taken your place you limit your movement around the studio except in you workout area. Any studio equipment used can be returned to its place at the end of class.

After class: Students must disinfect their poles/equipment used with the properly designated solution before leaving the studio. You will exit the studio through the back door as soon as class is over and come out to the parking lot via the Antico lobby entrance. You must leave promptly so that instructors can clean and prepare the space for the next class.

IMPORTANT: Doors will be locked promptly at 5 minutes after class. If you are not in your spot participating in the class at 5 minutes after, you will not be allowed to participate. No exceptions.


With restrictions lifting and all classes going back to full capacity we will now be able to enter and exit via the front door. The front door will be locked until the previous class has ended and they will be exiting the studio. Please wait until the previous class has left until you enter the studio so that we block the front door. 

The cubbies will be moving back to the studio lobby. With that we request that you only bring what you need with you into the studio and leave unnecessary belongings in your car. 



In accordance with the reopening guidelines for the state of Massachusetts, if students are within 14 feet of one another masks must be worn. Based on our layout, this will require students to wear masks at all times.


Mask will be optional at the studio as of June 1st. Please be respectful of others choice to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. The Department of Public Health advises all unvaccinated residents to continue to wear face-coverings in indoor settings and when they can’t socially distance.

More information from the State may be found HERE



Spotting will be permitted if both the student and instructor are comfortable with the spot. Please be prepared for minimal physical instruction and classes that focus more on conditioning and verbal/visual instruction.



While we will still have equipment in the studio available for use, we highly recommend that students bring in their own mats, blocks, etc. Any studio equipment used must be sanitized after each use.



Late Cancellation: In order to compromise for limited class sizes resulting in anticipated increased waitlists, we will temporarily reduce the late cancel period to 8 hours prior the class start time before late cancellation fees are charged. No show fees and the last minute cancellation fee will resume as normal. No exceptions.

Late Arrival: As stated above, we will be locking the doors promptly at 5 minutes after class begins. You must be in class and participating for your arrival to be considered on time.



Extensions: Class package expiration dates are firm. Extensions will not be granted for illness or injury without a doctor’s note at the Studio’s discretion. 

Medical Holds: Medical holds are only available with a doctor’s note and only in 30 day increments. Any medical issue extending beyond 3 months will require cancellation of a current contract or package. Any unused retail balance will be refunded and you will able to purchase a new contract or package once you can continue regular exercise. Sky High reserves the right to request a doctor’s release note in either case to assure safety. 


Sky High Studios will be practicing strict sanitation practices in between classes in accordance with CDC recommendations and state requirements. 15 minutes will be provided between each class to allow sufficient time for students to vacate the studio and prepare for the next class. You will not be allowed to enter the main studio until allowed by your instructor.



Should you become exposed or have a confirmed case of COVID-19, you are required to notify the studio immediately so we can take the necessary action. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your ability to attend classes.



This is a constantly evolving situation and Sky High Studios will continue to adjust its operations and policies in real time in accordance with state guidelines and CDC recommendations. Modifications to other policies will be made on a case by case basis as appropriate. We understand that this is a period of adjustment for both our students and the studio as whole and we are working constantly to keep you informed and address any concerns. Please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Refusal to comply with the instructor will be dealt with in accordance of studio policy.