Pole Fitness and Dance Classes

Please read descriptions and verify pre-requisite requirements

Monthly recommendations are based on twice per week attendance

Core Classes

Intro to Pole: Novice

Intro to Pole is designed specifically with those new to pole fitness in mind. This class provides the basis for movement, with walking, pirouettes, basic spins and learning how to sit on the pole. There will be a strong component of strength training in preparation for the transition to Pole 1.

>> Recommended at least 8-10 classes.
Pole Level 1: Advanced Beginner

Pole 1 builds on the basics taught in Intro to Pole. There is an emphasis on spins, climbing and body movement while sitting on the pole.  You will also begin to learn basic sequences and becoming comfortable moving continuously around the pole. This class is designed to increase strength to prepare to invert on the pole.

>> Recommended at least 4-6 months.
Pole Level 2: Intermediate

Pole 2 uses the strength that has been developed in Pole 1 to begin to defy gravity. Inverting on the pole offers a full body workout, with greater emphasis on building abdominal and upper body strength. Beyond learning basic inversions and climbs, you will begin to learn fundamental split grip poses, dynamic spins, and a variety of movements using the height of the pole. Advancement is with instructor approval only.

Pre-requisites – Must be able to: execute a forearm press climb 2/3 up the pole – full pole crunch – sit on the pole and lean forward – cross knee release. These are basic pre-requisites. Please call for full details. 

>> Recommended at least 6 months – 1 year.
Pole Level 3: Advanced Intermediate

Pole 3 continues with increasingly more challenging inversions. As new inversions are mastered, students will learn how to transition between inverted positions without first returning to the ground. This class will also introduce different grips for inverting, more advanced climbs, kickstands and handsprings. Advancement with instructor approval only.

Pre-requisites – Must be able to: invert consistently and safely (no kicking up) – extended butterfly – side climb – jasmine. These are basic pre-requisites. Please call for full information to join.

Pole Level 4: Advanced 

Pole 4 is our highest level. This class focuses on expanding advanced techniques and combinations using a high level of strength, stamina, flexibility, and creativitiy. You will use both static and spin pole. Advancement with instructor approval only.

Pre-requisites – Please call for full information to join.

Mixed Level Classes

We do occassionally host mixed level classes of either 2 levels or an open level class. In the case of a multi-level class (i.e. Mixed Level 2-3) participants of both levels can participate. 

Open level classes are for all levels to attend and will focus more on trouble shooting specific areas of student need.

Spin Pole 1

Take your moves and put a spin on them! In this class you will become comfortable with the spin pole, practicing the basics while getting used to the new movement and strength that Spin Pole requires. You will also begin to learn new ways to move up, down, and around the pole, including basic inversions. 

Pre-requisite: This class is for students who have been taking level 2 for at least 4 weeks or have instructor approval.

Spin Level 2 (Inversions Required)

Move your spins up a level! This spin class takes you from the ground level to aerial spinning technique. You will learn more advanced moves, dynamic sequences, and a greater variety of movement available only on spin pole. 

Pre-requisite: Basic invesions on spin pole done consistantly and safely, and have instructor approval. 

Stylistic Classes

Pole Flow 1 (non-inverted combinations)
This class is all about putting what you know together in sequences and adding in dymanic movement and performance elements. You will work your way up and down the pole, developing a wide range of transitions, mounts and dismounts, while adding stylistic elements to your moves. There are no inversions in this class.
Advanced Level 1 and up. Must be able to perform basic spins and climb 2/3 up the pole using the forearm press climb.
Pole Flow 2 (inverted combinations)

Take your sequences upside down! Learn how to combine tricks into sequences smoothly and gracefully, using all levels of the pole, using both ascending and descending inversions. Instructors are open to suggestions, so bring your ideas and we’ll help you put them into action.

Pre-requisites: Must be able to invert consistently from standing, hold leg hangs comfortably, and perform basic split grip poses (i.e. butterfly, inverted D, etc.). 

Low Flow Pole (floor combinations)

This class is all about the bottom. You will focus on using the lower portion of the pole from a standing position to rolling around on the floor. Learn to twist, slide, roll, and spin your way around pole, creating a variety of poses and transitions that will turn the most basic moves into dance art! Concentration is less on the spins and tricks themselves, but more on body awareness, extremity use, and grace, creating fluid movement as you transition from one move to the next.

Recommended Level 1 for at least 4 weeks or have instructor approval. 

Heels Dance 1

Bring on the sexy workout! Dancing in heels offers a very different conditioning challenge with a sexy twist. This class encompasses both pole and floor techniques, while encouraging balance, strength, and flexibility. All while developing body awareness, new dance styles and techniques, and good old fashioned fun – IN HEELS!!! While this class will incorporate exotic and sensual elements of dance, this class is for everyone looking how to move in heels.

Recommended advanced level 1 or have instructor approval. 

Heels Dance 2
Take your sexy to the next level. This intermediate/advanced dance based heels class encompasses dance moves from beginner and aerial based movements. Students should be comfortable with climbing multiple times and a variety of level 1 aerial pole moves. While this class will incorporate exotic and sensual elements of dance, this class will demonstrate aerially on both static and spin pole.
Recommended advanced level 1 or have instructor approval. Minimum requirements- must be able to sit comfortably on the pole and climb at least 2/3 up the pole.
Liquid Motion®

Liquid Motion® is a program that teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory, sensual movement, self-exploration, and body awareness. Through employing and exploring these techniques, both on the floor and pole, you will develop more fluidity, creative combinations, and individual style. We suggest dressing in layers (fitted pants, leg warms, long sleeves, knee pads) for a more comfortable movement experience.

All levels are welcome.

Freestyle Exploration
Express yourself! Dancing is not just about the moves, it is about expression and finding the style that works for you. Through fun games, exercises, combos, and various other techiques you will explore and discover styles of movement that make you feel good. Please feel free to wear heels and dress in a way that is completely comfortable for you. We will combine movement techniques and expression exercises to bring out the diva dancer that lives inside you.
This class is for all levels. Recommend at least 4-6 Intro to pole classes before participation.

Take what you know and ceate a routine! In this class you will learn a routine that puts your skills to use in a dance. Routines will vary from time to time so you can learn to dance to different styles of music, utilize a variety of movements, and work with your fellow students to create an engaging and dynamic pole routine. 

Recommended students be at least advanced level 1 to participate.