Is designed for those who are looking to take their practice to the next level, literally. Anyone who is looking to go vertical, whether on or off the pole, should join this class. You will not only learn the proper technique for beginner, intermediate, and advanced handstand work, you will build the proper strength and coordination through certain exercises and drills. After taking this program you should feel comfortable getting into and out of a variety of handstand poses and combinations.


Get bent! Whether you have a lot of flexibility, or none at all, this class will challenge your body. You will focus not only one static stretching, but also active and dynamic stretching to encourage not only flexibility, but also muscle strength and stability.

Mad Fitness Lab

When you need to get your but in gear, you can come here! This class provides a mix of plyometrics, circuit training, cardio, all through games and fun activities to help get your heart racing and keep your mind sharp. The aim of this class will be to condition cardio, strength, and coordination in a way that will be ideal for helping you with pole, silks, lyra, or just life in general. You will use your own weight and a few fun accessories to build up muscle and endurance.

People of all fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. You do not have to bring any of your own equipment, we will provide everything for you.