Aerial Fitness Classes

Please read descriptions and verify pre-requisite requirements

Monthly recommendations are based on twice per week attendance

Intro to Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Lyra (Aerial Hoop) is an acrobatic style employing a suspended steel hoop that you will use to perform a variety of tricks. The lyra will challenge strength, flexibility, and agility while twisting, bending, and hanging in the air. In level 1 you will learn the basics of the hoop, simple poses and transitions, mounting and dismounting the hoop safely, and condition for inversions.
Lyra (Aerial Hoop) – Level 1
Now you will start to become more comfortable working with the basics at greater heights. you will begin working on inversions, combinations, more advanced poses, and simple transitions. Advancement with instructor permission only.
Lyra (Aerial Hoop) Combos and Transitions
This class is designed to start putting your moves into action! A combination of conditioning and choreography will not only get you in shape, but will also improve fluidity and freestyle skills. Advancement with instructor permission only.
This class will take what you know and turn it into a routine. focus will be on timing, smooth transitions, musicality, expression, and diversity of movement. This class is great for those looking to take what they know and put it into action! Participation by instructor permission only. Level 1 minimum requirement.
Intro to Aerial Silks
This class is designed for those who have never tried aerial silks before. In this class you will learn basic foot holds, locks, and knots, while building the upper body strength needed to advance. You will also start learning basic poses and climbing techniques that will allow you to form sequences of moves.
Aerials Silks Level 1 – Beginner
Build upon the skills to you learned in intro to learn more advanced basics, create new transitions, and start working your way up the silks to new and exciting poses. You will continue to develop more full body strength and flexibility. Advancement with instructor approval only.
Aerials Silks Level 2 – Intermediate
In level 2 you will also build on your knowledge with new poses and variations, put them together in new sequences, smooth out transitions, and begin to work on basic drops, slides, and rolls. This class is designed to build full body strength, balance, and coordination, while developing confidence in moving seamlessly down the silks from higher up. Advancement with instructor approval only.
Aerial Silks Level 3 – Intermediate to Advanced
Start performing like the pros! In this class you will explore new ways of inverting, develop seamless transitions, and become an innovative performer. This is not only a technique class, but encourages personal expression through performance elements and dramatization.
Open Aerials Play Time
Practice makes perfect! Use this time to come in and practice your moves. No instructor will be available.