Sarah Fimm

Aerial Silks

About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah. I teach Intro Silks and Level 1 Silks.

How She Got Started:

I saw a Cirque show six years ago. I loved the athleticism, the beauty and grace, and the adrenaline rush associated with the aerial silks, ropes, and straps. Since then, I’ve been training and/or teaching aerials.

I’m certainly much fitter than I had been! I also now have an interesting ice breaker and outlet. 😀

Instructor Philosophy:

It’s okay to fail as long as you keep trying. If you put in the practice and the effort, you will make it!

Seeing others be able to do something they never thought they could, i.e., pull-ups or climbing to the top or inverting, and be proud and excited about their achievements.

Random fact:

I just got my first strict ring muscle-up!



Level 1 Silks Teacher Training Certification through Born to Fly

Private Lessons Available with specialties in:

  • Aerial Silks

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