Lindsey Daniels

Lyra Instructor


I’m Lindsey Daniels, a Lyra Instructor at Sky High Studios, a full-time art director, and a designer who dabbles in makeup artistry. I have been practicing pole for 3 years and found Lyra in early 2013 while attempting to lose weight and get healthy. I was hooked from the very first class!

By the end of my first year, I had met my weight loss goal, won my first medal in Lyra, and found a whole new level of confidence!

I started teaching Lyra in 2015 and have been loving it, as I had  struggled when I first entered the apparatus. I also love connecting with students and watching them grow.

I’ve always been a creative person.  Always crafting, painting, singing, writing, playing with makeup, and making costumes….aerial arts felt like the next level of embracing my love of all things creative.


1st Place Winner Lyra Level 1 –  Division North East Aerial Arts 2014

1st Place Winner Lyra Level 2 – Division Atlantic Pole Championships 2015