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About Chanan

My name is Chanan (pronounced Shannon) Moffitt and I currently teach Fly Gym and pole fitness at Sky High Studios.

How She Got Started:

Like many that come to the studio, I got hooked from a Groupon. I had always seen pole fitness advertised and always wanted to try it but was scared to. I had done gymnastics for 12 years and wanted to get back into something like it. However, my knees would not have survived any more years as a gymnast so I decided that pole was something that wasn’t hard on my knees but also incorporated the acrobatic, dance, and strength components that I missed so much. Once I took my first class, which was with Lauren Forest, I was 100% hooked and have never looked back.

Pole fitness and my pole family pulled me out of a very dark time in my life. During my freshman year in college, I was diagnosed with anxiety and clinical depression. I would constantly think about ending my life and this went on well into my senior year of college. I finally talked to my doctor and parents about it and was put on medication and began seeing a therapist. These things did help a lot but finding pole and making all the friends I have has really helped me change my outlook on life. Although I do still have some bad days, the past few years have been a real turning point in my struggle with depression. Many people say that working out and exercising is good for those that are depressed and I do sincerely believe that. This is another reason why I bought that Groupon. I honestly think that had I not found this sanctuary that I may have let my depression get the best of me. However, it was ultimately the environment and the people that truly lifted me up and have kept me there since. I am in no way a national pole champion or professional poler and I do not ever see myself being one but I do not pole for the medals or the glory.
I pole for me and I pole for those like me that are struggling with personal things in life that sometimes make living feel impossible. I pole because I love it and it allows me to see the people that I care deeply about and have become life long friends. I pole as a reminder of my past and that I am strong and can over come any obstacle in my way. And now I teach pole so that others can have the same life changing experience I have had.

Instructor Philosophy:

Quality over quantity. I would rather have my students have the techniques down perfectly before they attempt harder skills. This goes for myself as well when I am training. When I started I could only climb half way up the pole with good form. I would not continue any further till I knew I could climb to the top without compromising form and technique. I encourage my students to do the same although I know it is hard when you just want to jump ahead and do all the crazy fun tricks but trust me, you will thank me in the end (hopefully :)).

I love seeing my student’s progress. I know from being a student that sometimes it feels like you are not making any progress and that you will never be able to achieve that move you have been working on for months. However, as an instructor, I can see all the small improvements my students are making and that makes me so proud. Seeing someone who came in telling me they have no upper body strength, then fast forward three months and they are doing multiple sets of Fly Gym pull ups like it is nothing. I also love the environment around me as I am teaching. There are laughter and cheers and positive vibes and that is an instructors dream. All my students help each other and keep each other’s spirits high and it makes being an instructor 1,000 times more enjoyable.

IRL (In Real Life):

Outside of the studio, I am currently a Medical Technologist at a genetic diagnostic lab. However, I just finished going to school to become a nuclear medicine technologist and am currently passed my board exam. When I am not at work or at the studio I lead a pretty boring life some might say. Napping, playing with my cats and my sister’s husky, Netflix, shopping, and eating pretty much sum up my “real” life.

Random fact:

I am obsessed with penguins and cats. I will no doubt be a crazy cat lady in 50 years (or sooner) and I can tell you all the things about penguins. But I won’t cause I don’t want to scare away potential students.



  • CPR/AED/BLS Certified by the American Red Cross
  • Fly Gym Certified

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