Membership Benefits | Learn more about your Perks

So, we’ve talked you into an aerial addiction! Other than all of the cool friends you are going to make and the awesome things you are about to do, there are some other perks to your membership we want you to know about.

Here are the basics you already know about:

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Booking reservations out for the length of your membership


First – rewards! Yep, you get rewarded just for having a membership. Every time your membership dues go through, you earn 5% back to your Sky High account to use towards other cool stuff, including private lessons, workshops, merchandise, and anything else we decide to let you use your points for.

Points cannot be regularly applied towards your monthly membership dues, however, when you renew your membership you can use them towards the first month of your new membership term. Points never expire.

Second – Discounts! In addition to all those cool points you are racking up, you get a 10% discount on studio hosted workshops and merchandise. Once in a while we will also have special promotions that your discount will apply to as well.

*Discounts do not apply towards 3rd party events where payment does not go through Sky High Studios. Example – certifications, photo shoots, and anything else where payment must be paid directly to the vendor.

Third – Special private lesson pricing. Private lessons offer a way to advance more quickly, and especially for competitors are necessary. As a member we want you to take full advantage of our services and offer you an incentive to do so.

Fourth – Free admittance to informational workshops. From time to time, and more often in the future, we offer special informational seminars and workshops. These are designed to help give you more knowledge about certain techniques we use in class, health and wellness tips, special fun events, etc. These are things hosted by our instructors that are not on our regular schedule.

Fifth – Well, we don’t have full details on this yet, but starting this summer we will be rolling out some new features for our members. These will be online based resources that will give you more access to materials we create, a member’s only portal full of awesome resources, and whatever else we can think of that will add value to your experience here at Sky High Studios.

As a member you make a certain level of commitment to us and that deserves to be rewarded. You are trusting that for the next 6-12 months we are going to continue to offer you the same level of service and growth. We want to honor that expectation, not just by offering you class benefits, but with additional services that make your experience here as a member beneficial even when you aren’t in the studio.

Thank you for joining our community long term and reap all the benefits you can!

Start your membership today and take advantage of all your great perks!