Client Rewards | Do you <3 Free Stuff?

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Exactly. Turns out we want you to have some free stuff! How do you get said free stuff? Simple, all you have to do is show up.

For every dollar you spend at Sky High you automatically earn 5% back to use towards free stuff. Whether is from your membership dues, package purchases, or from current products you buy, you keep racking up the points to use towards something awesome in the future.

Example: $360 (20 class package) = $18 rewards = Free tank top!

Points can be used on product purchases, package purchases, private lessons, special workshops and events, and anything else we decide to apply them to.*

*Certain restrictions may apply based on third party registration requirements. Points cannot be used towards monthly membership dues, except during the renewal period.

Want even more? Obviously. Turns out you’re in luck! There is another way to earn even more.

Tell everybody you know and get them to come to class with you! When they sign up you get more rewards points. For every friend that purchases a full price package, you earn $10. If they purchase a membership option your rewards vary from $25-$50 depending on the membership they purchase.*

*Rewards are based on first time, in studio purchase. Daily deal purchases such as Groupon do not count towards referral points, however, the subsequent purchase will count. “Full price” denotes studio dictated price at the time of purchase.

Wait! There’s more! (Yes, we know we sound like an infomercial, but really there is more!)

From time to time we offer rewards points for special participation in studio events from students, promotional rewards months, or special referral events. We believe that anytime we ask for your involvement and you deliver, you deserve to be rewarded for your time and energy in helping us make the studio better, and growing our membership base.

At least 3 times a year we offer you the chance to earn extra rewards. We are also constantly asking for feedback on products and services you would like in the studio so we can provide more ways for you to redeem your rewards.

Questions? Bueller? If so, please email us at

Start your membership today and take advantage of all your great perks!