Friends and Family Referral Rewards Program | Spread the Love

You have friends. Well, at least we hope you do. Your friends need things to do, right? Especially with you. I mean, you’re pretty cool. We think so, and our opinion is, of course, the one that matters.

In that case, we want you to get cool stuff to wear on your awesome self for bringing your amazing people here. So here’s how it works:

You bring a friend to one class for the intro price of $15 so they can try the class. Check!

Said friend buys a full price package or membership from us to take more amazing classes. BOOM! $10 for you.

OR, said friend buys a year-long monthly membership to match yours because now they want to be cool like you and be here all the time. BOOOOOM! $50 for you. A 6-month membership = $35 and monthly membership = $20.

Here’s the deal, you bring friends, we give you free stuff. We like you, and we are sure we will like your people, and you deserve to be thanked for your effort in expanding our community.

Of course, with everything, there are some rules.

Rule 1: Groupon and daily deal promotions don’t count towards rewards. A promotional package doesn’t really make them a member yet, and these groups take a huge cut from the studio. The exception is if we are running a small discount promo on packages (i.e. Black Friday) you will receive the points for those purchases since we are dictating the special promo price.

Rule 2: Points are only granted on the first purchase your friend makes. Example, if they purchase a 5 class package, you get $10. If on the next purchase they sign up for a membership, double points will not be added. That’s too hard to keep track of.

Want to get a whole bunch of friends to try it at once and still get some rewards? Have a party! What better way to try to convince your friends to try it than to get them all together and show them what it is about. You get 10% rewards back of the total party revenue for your time in putting the party together, plus any rewards based on purchases your friends make.

12 friends @ $30/ea = $36 = Free Sweatshirt (w/ your 10% membership discount if you are a monthly member).

If you have more questions about referring friends and family please email us at

Start your membership today and take advantage of all your great perks!